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Witch Coffee Melbourne-based coffee brand, designed by baristas for coffee connoisseurs, b

Share your love for Witch Coffee 

Refer & give a friend 10% off  
Receive a 20% commission reward on their order 
Enter in a draw to win a 1 year supply of Witch Coffee! 


Why Share and Win? 

Our barista-developed single-serve coffee has taken the market by storm! Developed by baristas so coffee connoisseurs can enjoy cafe-quality coffee anywhere and anytime. Featuring state-of-the-art patented coffee bag technology.


Our first batch SOLD OUT WITHIN 7 DAYS, with an ultra-high % of returning customers. 

DON'T MISS OUT on this opportunity to share your love for Witch Coffee with your friends and make an easy, ongoing income, even when you sleep! Plus, all referrals count as an entry to win a 1 year's supply of Witch Coffee! 

How the Referral Program Works? 

1. Join 

The Witch Coffee Referral Program is hosted on GoAffPro (

2. Share

Give 10%, Receive 20% 

Share your unique referral code with your network (e.g. via email, text, social media) to invite friends to try Witch Coffee. They get 10% off when using your code.


3. Earn

Earn 20% commission on all full-pack purchases made using your affiliate code. Track your earnings and cash out via GoAffPro. 

All referrals count as 1 entry to win a 1 year supply of Witch Coffee!


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