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Affiliate SIgn Up banner for Witch Coffee Barista-Developed single-serve specialty coffee bags in Melbourne

Share your love for Witch Coffee and

Earn 20% commission on the entire order for every full-pack purchase using your affiliate code!

Why should I be an Affiliate? 

Our barista-developed single-serve coffee has taken the market by storm! Developed by baristas so coffee connoisseurs can enjoy cafe-quality coffee anywhere and anytime. Featuring state-of-the-art patented coffee bag technology. 


Our first batch SOLD OUT WITHIN 7 DAYS, with an ultra-high % of returning customers. 

DON'T MISS OUT on this opportunity to make an easy, ongoing income, even when you sleep!

N.B. The Witch Coffee Affiliate Program is via GoAffPro (​)

How the Affiliate Program Works? 

1. Join 

The Witch Coffee Affiliate Program is hosted on GoAffPro (

2. Share

Give 10%, Receive 20% 

Share your unique affiliate code with your network (e.g. via email, text, social media) to invite friends to try Witch Coffee. They get 10% off when using your code.


3. Earn

Earn 20% commission on all full-pack purchases made using your affiliate code. Track your earnings and email our friendly team at to cash out. 


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