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Satisfaction Guarantee

WITCHCOFFEE.COM will gladly exchange or offer a shop credit for any item you are not 100% satisfied with, provided no more than 5% of the product has been used, the packaging has been kept reasonably in-tact and goods were purchased 7 days or less prior to our shop receiving the item for exchange. Goods must also be accompanied by a copy of the WITCHCOFFEE.COM purchase invoice.

Refund Policy

PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY. We do not normally give refunds just because you change your mind. At its absolute discretion, WITCHCOFEE.COM may offer a full credit less shipping for a return.


Customer Service/Shipping

WITCHCOFEE.COM will ship your order by your preferred choice at your cost. Goods in stock will usually be shipped within 24-48 hours. We will maintain a high level of effort to ship your purchase to you within 48 hours, but cannot and will not be held responsible for the late arrival of orders due to shipping or postal delays. If you chose an item that is not in stock or will be delayed for other reasons we will notify you within 4 business days, and you will be given the option to receive a refund on this item.


Please note that items showing signs of damage may not be replaced and any item without a current WITCHCOFFEE.COM invoice will not be accepted. Item must be returned in the same condition as supplied and paperwork and other accessories as originally provided.

Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

These policies do not exclude the operation of the Australian Consumer Law.


Discount codes cannot be combined with any other offers or sales incentives. Promotions are subject to change at any time without notice.  Promotions are limited to one coupon per customer. If you return any of the items purchased with a coupon, the coupon discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit. We reserve the right to cancel any orders deemed fraudulent. 

Affiliate/Referral Program Terms and Conditions

You warrant that entry into the Witch Coffee Affiliate program is at your sole discretion and that Witch Coffee may, by written notice, modify the terms of this program from time to time.Your continued maintenance of an account with Witch Coffee shall constitute and be deemed to be your acceptance of such modification and your consent to abide by any terms thereof.

All amounts referred to herein are in $AUD.

Service Licence

Subject to this Agreement, Witch Coffee grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence (without the right to sublicense) to access and use the Witch Coffee platform for the limited purpose of engaging in the Affiliate program. Witch Coffee reserves the right to change, upgrade or discontinue any or all of the Services or the Witch Coffee platforms or any feature of the Services of the Witch Coffee platforms, at any time, with or without notice. All rights not expressively granted under this Agreement are reserved by Witch Coffee and its licensors. Witch Coffee reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Witch Coffee Affiliate program.

Witch Coffee Account

Some of the Services required for the Affiliate program require the user to maintain an account with Witch Coffee. A user may create an account free of charge by providing the relevant details requested for, with the provision of this information governed by Privacy legislation. Use of the account and the Services (including the opportunity to earn commission) are offered at the sole discretion of Witch Coffee and subject to your compliance with this Agreement.

In creating a Witch Coffee account, each account must register a unique:

(a) mobile number and

(b) payment account (e.g. each bank account, each paypal account).

A failure to abide by any terms and conditions, the perpetration of any fraud or abuse, whether relating to the accrual or receipt of commission and/or other rewards or otherwise, and/or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Witch Coffee or its affiliates may result in your Witch Coffee account being flagged for suspicious activity and suspended or terminated; any cashback accumulated being forfeited; and/or any store credit or vouchers purchased by you being cancelled. Each remedy is at the sole discretion of Witch Coffee.

You are responsible for regularly checking your account to ensure commission has been properly credited and that your account balance is up to date. You must notify With Coffee of any omissions, incorrect entries or discrepancies concerning any transaction within 30 days after that transaction. Witch Coffee reserves the right not to correct any omissions, incorrect entries or discrepancies brought to its attention after the 30-day period.

Program Sign-Up

Submitting an Affiliate program application does not guarantee inclusion in the Affiliate program. We evaluate each and every application and are the sole and exclusive decision-makers on Affiliate acceptance. If we choose not to allow your inclusion in the Affiliate program, we will attempt to notify you within a reasonable time frame. If you do not hear from us within a reasonable time frame, please consider your application rejected. We are not obligated to provide you any explanation for your rejection, but please be advised we may reject applicants for any reason or manner.

If your Affiliate Application is rejected, you may not reapply. If your Affiliate application is accepted, each of the terms and conditions set out herein apply to your participation. We may also ask for additional information to assess your Affiliate Application or for you to undertake additional steps to ensure eligibility in the Affiliate Program. A failure to provide such further information or take such additional steps within a reasonable time frame may result in your application being rejected.

Earning Commission

Among services offered by Witch Coffee is the opportunity to earn commission on purchases made through referring buyers. Creating and maintaining an account with Witch Coffee is required before a user can start earning commission. Crediting of commission is also subject to the various terms, conditions and requirements, expressed or implied, associated with the crediting of cashback in general or terms, conditions and requirements associated with the individual promotions that would be applicable. These terms, conditions and requirements include but are not limited to:

(a) You will only be eligible for a Commission payment for any customer transactions that are derived from affiliate leads generated by the Affiliate Link or Affiliate Code that we make available to you and are accepted by Witch Coffee. An Affiliate Lead will be considered valid and accepted if, in our reasonable determination: (i) it is a new potential customer of ours, and (ii) is not one of our pre-existing customers, or involved in our active sales process.

(b) Commission not eligible when the transaction is completed by the same referred customer more than once

(c) Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may choose not to accept an Affiliate Lead in our reasonable discretion.

(d) Not engaging in any fraudulent or dishonest conduct and/or abiding by the terms of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions stipulated by Witch Coffee

(e) Not engaging in any misleading or deceptive conduct for the purposes of generating additional sales and referrals.

Commission and Payment

In order to receive payment under this Agreement, you must have: (i) agreed to the terms of this Agreement (generally completed through the Affiliate Tool); (ii) completed all steps necessary to create your account in the Affiliate Tool in accordance with our directions, (iii) have a valid and up-to-date payment method registered to your Affiliate account.

Commission is calculated at 10% of sales which utilises your Affiliate Code, and will be applied to your account 30 days after the transaction (on the basis that the transaction is not exchanged or refunded by the referral). The use of the Affiliate Code when a referral purchases a produce from Witch Coffee will result in that referral receiving a 10% discount.

Commission may be paid out at any time on your written request to your registered bank or paypal account, on the basis that a minimum of AUD$50 has been accumulated. It is acknowledged that any amount displayed as commission owing on your account is indicative only and will be subject to a reconciliation prior to release of the funds.

For any changes in your address or accounting information, you must notify us immediately and we will endeavour to make the changes to your payout information as soon as possible.


You are responsible for any and all taxes that may apply to amounts earned from commission you have redeemed. Witch Coffee makes no representation as to the tax treatment of such amounts. If GST applies, any commission earned and paid out is GST inclusive.

Use of Biometric, Phone or Third-Party Logins

You may choose to allow access to your Witch Coffee account via third-party logins (e.g. Facebook or Google) or through your phone (by using a device passcode or your biometric data). You understand the need to protect your mobile device, its passcode and any biometric data login functions, as well as the need to protect your passwords used at these third-party sites (such as your Facebook account).

The biometrics recognition feature is designed and owned by the respective mobile device. You acknowledge and understand that if you allow third parties’ biometrics being registered as part of the biometrics of your mobile device, they will be able to access your account. You acknowledge and understand that if possession of the mobile device you registered with Witch Coffee has changed for any reason and the device login service has not been disabled, others will be able to access your account. You acknowledge and understand that if your password to your Facebook or Google accounts are compromised or provided to others, that others will be able to access your account. In such events of unauthorised access, Witch Coffee shall not be held responsible for any loss.

Please understand that the Witch Coffee service does not collect or store your biometric ID or Facebook or Google passwords, and relies on the third-party service or your mobile device to verify your identity. Witch Coffee does not guarantee that the service will be error-free and uninterrupted. If there is (through no fault of ShopBack) a transmission interruption or malfunction of this service, which causes inconvenience or inability to use the service, loss of data, errors, tampering by others, or other economic loss, Witch Coffee shall not be held liable for the same.

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Witch Coffee be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive or other indirect damages or for any loss of profits, loss data or loss of use damages, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Witch Coffee’s maximum aggregate liability arising out of this agreement will not exceed AUD$30. Witch Coffee also takes no responsibility for any damage to you – the Affiliate for any malicious harm caused to you by a third party. Without limitation, this includes any damages suffered as a result of a third-party cyber intrusion (i.e. hacking) on any Witch Coffee platform.

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