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Calling all coffee enthusiast content creators for exciting collaboration opportunities! 🌟☕


Indulge in barista-developed specialty coffee - meticulously crafted for coffee connoisseurs!


Black Label Tasting Notes:

Smooth, full-bodied, blackcurrant, creamy roasted truffle, fruity berries 

Each coffee bag uses a patented filter - designed and tested for maximum infusion, ensuring an unparalleled and rich coffee experience with every sip 

Our first brew - Sold out within 7 days! 

Indulge in specialty cafe-quality coffee with the simplest and most convenient brewing method! 

Unique recipe crafted by 200+ baristas, alongside coffee farmers

100% Arabica beans, handpicked  from high-altitude regions of Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia & Brazil 

This blend is crafted with 4 different coffee grind sizes and 4 distinct roasting times (for each region's beans), to truly highlight the characteristics of every bean 

Creative Coffee Recipe Contest 

Step 1: Receive a Black Label - Pack of 20 specialty barista coffee bags. 

Step 2: Make a creative coffee recipe video using our barista coffee bag. Unleash your creativity and have fun! Think of interesting ingredients, fun methods, etc for your concoction. NB: Please show the coffee bag tag & the Black Label Pack of 20 outer packaging in the video. 

Step 3: Share your creation on social media, tag @witchcoffee.official (IG) or (Tik Tok) in your post. NB: You can also join the Witch Coffee Affiliate Program to receive 20% commission on all orders using your unique discount code) 

Step 4: Submit a copy of your video to

The Winner will take home a whole carton of coffee – that's 8 packs of 20 

We'll proudly announce the winner on our social media pages, featuring their winning video for all to enjoy!


🌟 Let Your Coffee Creativity Shine
Be inspired and ignite your creativity! Showcase your love for specialty coffee with your very own masterpiece. 💕☕


🌟 Take Your Social Media Account to New Heights

Gain exposure and generate awareness for your account. Elevate your online presence, and unlock new audiences! 🔓🔑

🌟 Elevate Your Portfolio
Showcase your creative talent and stand out from the competitive sea of content creators.

Add to your portfolio & leave potential brands and clients in awe.  🎨💫

🌟 Endless Collab Opportunities 

Join us as a Witch Coffee content creator and experience a constant flow of our premium coffee blends to indulge in. Get the first taste of our exquisite Red, Blue, and Gold Labels once they're ready!

By joining as a collaborator, you'll also be introduced to a network of other Australian brands and business owners eager to collaborate with talented content creators like you. 🤝🎉

Let's Collab!
Join As a Content Creator 

Please reach out to our friendly team via the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Include your full name, email, social media handles, and tell us why you want to collaborate with us!  


You can also join the Witch Coffee Affiliate Program to receive

20% commission on all orders using your unique discount code. 

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