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You're Making Your Coffee Wrong! Why Coffee Blooming is so important?

As coffee enthusiasts, we often seek ways to elevate our coffee experience, from selecting premium beans to mastering brewing techniques. One such technique gaining popularity is "coffee blooming."

Coffee Blooming is an essential step in the brewing process that can significantly impact the taste and aroma of your cup of joe.

Coffee blooming process using Witch Coffee 100% Arabica coffee grounds

What is Coffee Blooming?

Coffee blooming is the initial phase of the brewing process, specifically for pour-over, drip, or French press methods, but is applicable to steeped coffee bags too. It involves wetting the coffee grounds with a small amount of hot water and allowing them to release gases trapped within. When coffee is roasted, carbon dioxide (CO2) forms within the beans. Blooming allows this CO2 to escape, preventing it from interfering with the extraction process and ensuring a more consistent brew.

Coffee blooming using Witch Coffee 100% Arabica coffee beans

Why Should I Bloom My Coffee? The Benefits

Enhanced Flavour: Blooming enables the coffee grounds to "bloom" or expand, resulting in a more even extraction. This leads to a richer, more vibrant flavour profile in your cup, as the full spectrum of the beans' taste is effectively unlocked. Blooming coffee tends to produce a more nuanced and delicious cup of coffee, while not blooming can lead to a flatter and less interesting taste.

Improved Aroma: The release of CO2 during blooming enhances the aroma of freshly ground coffee. This means you'll be greeted with a more aromatic and enticing scent when you take your first sip, improving your coffee experience. The aromatic notes will be more pronounced and alluring, making each sip a delight to the senses.

Even Extraction: Coffee grounds that are not bloomed can create uneven extraction, leading to some portions being over-extracted while others remain under-extracted. Blooming promotes consistency and even extraction, ensuring that all the desirable compounds are extracted, resulting in a balanced and full-bodied brew. You'll no longer experience the frustration of inconsistent taste from one cup to the next.

Reduced Bitterness: By allowing CO2 to escape during blooming, the bitter compounds are minimised. As a result, your coffee will be smoother and less bitter. This reduction in bitterness allows the natural flavours of the coffee to shine through, providing a more enjoyable and palatable drinking experience.

Better Crema in Espresso: Even for espresso enthusiasts, blooming plays a role. Pre-infusing the coffee grounds before pulling the shot can lead to improved crema - the luscious golden layer on top of espresso - and a more balanced shot. Blooming ensures that the espresso extraction is more controlled and uniform, contributing to a velvety and visually appealing crema.

Balanced Acidity: When blooming, the acidity in coffee is often better balanced, adding brightness without overpowering the other flavours. This balanced acidity enhances the complexity of the coffee, creating a harmonious and well-rounded taste that complements the other elements.

Step by step instructions on coffee blooming using Witch Coffee Black label coffee bags

A cup of coffee using Witch Coffee Red Label coffee bag

Should You Bloom Coffee Bags?

Absolutely! While blooming coffee bags may appear simple and optional, the advantages it offers can truly elevate your coffee-drinking experience to a whole new level. Coffee blooming is often associated with pour-over, drip, and other filter coffee methods, but it holds equal relevance and benefits when applied to coffee bags.

1. Enhanced Freshness and Aroma:

As coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, and this gas remains trapped within the coffee grounds. When coffee is ground and packaged into coffee bags, the CO2 continues to be retained, albeit in a diminished quantity. Blooming allows the CO2 to escape from the coffee grounds, effectively "refreshing" the beans and reviving some of the lost aromatics. The result is a more vibrant and aromatic cup of coffee that beckons your senses from the moment you take your first sip.

2. Improved Flavour Extraction:

Blooming initiates the extraction process by wetting the coffee grounds and allowing them to swell and release CO2. This initial contact with hot water activates the soluble compounds present in the coffee, making them more accessible for extraction during the brewing process. As a result, the flavours are better extracted, providing a well-rounded and delicious cup of coffee with distinct notes and nuances.

3. Even Extraction & Consistency:

Blooming coffee, even in the case of coffee bags, fosters a remarkably even and efficient extraction process. When you wet the coffee grounds within the bag and grant them the opportunity to expand and degas during the blooming phase, you create an ideal surface for the hot water during the actual brewing process. The outcome is superior flavour extraction, yielding a more delectable and gratifying cup of coffee. With this heightened consistency, you can enjoy your preferred coffee blend every single time, making blooming an indispensable technique for those seeking consistently reliable and satisfying coffee experiences.

4. Reduced Bitterness and A More Balanced Acidity:

One of the common challenges with coffee brewing is achieving the right balance between bitterness and acidity. Coffee bags that are not bloomed might produce a cup that is overly bitter or excessively acidic, leading to an unpleasant taste. However, by allowing the CO2 to escape during blooming, the bitter compounds are minimised, and the overall acidity is better balanced. This results in a smoother, more enjoyable cup of coffee that is not overwhelmed by undesirable flavours.

5. A Chance to Experiment:

Blooming coffee bags also present an opportunity to experiment with different brewing techniques and water-to-coffee ratios. As blooming is a relatively quick process, you can adjust the blooming time and the amount of water used to see how it affects the final flavour. This experimentation allows you to tailor the blooming process to suit your personal preferences and discover the optimal brewing parameters for your favourite coffee bags.

Witch Coffee Red Label drip coffee with gooseneck kettle

How to Bloom Coffee Bags: Step-by-Step Instructions

Brewing coffee bags with the blooming technique is simple and can be easily incorporated into your routine. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to bloom your coffee bags:

1. Heat water to the appropriate temperature for your coffee brewing (we recommend 96°C or 205°F for Witch Coffee bags).

2. Prepare for Blooming

Steeped Coffee Bag: simply place the coffee bag in your cup.

Drip Coffee Bag: Tear along the dotted line at the top of the filter bag, pull the hangers and hook them over the edge of the cup.

3. Bloom the Coffee Bag

Steeped Coffee Bag: Slowly pour a small amount of hot water over the coffee bag, thoroughly wetting the coffee grounds.

Drip Coffee Bag: Slowly pour hot water over the ground coffee.

4. Allow the Coffee Bag to Bloom for 30 seconds to 1 minute. During this time, you'll notice bubbles forming and the coffee grounds expanding as the CO2 is released.

5. Then, continue pouring the remaining hot water over the coffee bag in a steady, circular motion (15-second intervals for drip coffee) until you reach 150ml (5 oz).

6. After Blooming

Steeped Coffee Bag: Let the coffee bag infuse for up to 5 minutes for maximum strength (dunking bag will assist infusion). Squeeze bag prior to lifting from cup.

Drip Coffee Bag: Simply unhook the hangers from the cup and remove.

Coffee extraction using fresh filtered water

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Coffee Bags: The Power of Fresh Water

The quality of the water plays a crucial role in determining the flavour and extraction of your coffee. Using fresh water, free from impurities, interacts optimally with the coffee, can significantly enhance your coffee experience.

Mastering the Barista Method: How to Pour Water Over Coffee Bags

To achieve the ultimate flavour extraction, pouring water over coffee bags requires finesse. Follow the Barista Method for a delightful brew:

Direct Pouring: Pour hot water directly onto only the coffee bag, allowing the bottom part of the bag to touch the water. Avoid pouring over both the bag and accumulated water. This ensures that every drop of water interacts solely with the grounds, preserving the purity of the coffee flavours without dilution. Once this is done, you can steep the coffee bag.

Stronger Bond: Direct pouring fosters a stronger bond between the coffee and water. This paves the way for a more thorough extraction during blooming. As the coffee grounds expand and release CO2, fresh water swiftly penetrates, extracting a rich concentration of flavours.

Captivating Aromas: With this method, the result is an even more flavourful and aromatic cup of coffee. Each sip embodies the distinct characteristics of the beans and their origin, delivering a truly mesmerising coffee experience.

Embrace the Barista Method and become a true coffee connoisseur, crafting a cup of coffee that tantalises the senses with exquisite flavours and captivating aromas!

Coffee blooming is a fundamental step in the brewing process that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your coffee bags. By allowing the coffee grounds to "bloom" and release trapped gases, you create a more flavourful and aromatic cup of coffee. The benefits of blooming include enhanced taste, improved aroma, even extraction, reduced bitterness, and balanced acidity. Whether you're using coffee bags or drip coffee bags, the barista method of direct pouring further elevates your coffee experience.


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